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Kodak EIR (Ektachrome Infrared) film has an almost cult following, for the rich, otherworldly colors that it produced. Since it's been discontinued, there has been a lot of interest in duplicating those colors, using standard IR-converted digital cameras. It is possible, but it's still difficult at best. (also see Sigma DP1x gallery)

These images were shot with a full spectrum modified Olympus P2, with a yellow #15 filter, or 630nm deep red filter. (TMSB suggests a #12 yellow, but #15 works fine)

Most were processed with TMSB software (The Mirror Surface Breaks), which renders an Aerochrome look, without any of the color processing, usually associated with infrared processing.

TMSB is a slow process, but the best method I've found, for simulating the EIR look, with a full spectrum converted camera.