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Created 7-Jul-07
Modified 7-Aug-07
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This set of images are unedited and unprocessed, straight out of the TX1 (except for the video capture still).

Although there's practically no wide angle range on this lens, the 10x optical zoom (39mm - 390mm) is an impressive feature. The 4x digital zoom increases the range to 40x (see lunar sample). In 'Super Macro' mode, the TX1 will focus from 0-10cm., so care must be taken not to nudge your subject (such a bee) with the lens.

With an 8GB SDHC card, the TX1 can record 'HD' video continuously for about 28 min., but is mainly limited by the NB-4L battery. Carry one or two extra packs if you plan on shooting for the day. The optional AC adaptor might be useful for shooting a continuous event such as a play or wedding, but test it out before going to the actual event!

Some TX1 users have reported choppy video when using SD cards with slow write times. My Kingston SD6/8GB (class 6) card, seems to produce smooth video, but there should be many more capable of similar or better results.

Sound Recording:
Set the Mode Dial to Playback; Press the Menu button and scroll down and select 'Sound Recording'.

The TX1 can also be used as a 44.1 kHz stereo sound recorder, and includes a menu selectable, wind filter for outdoor recordings. The two mics are located fairly close together on the outside of the LCD screen, so alhough the stereo separation isn't great, it does produce excellent sound fidelity. For high decibel events, switch to 'manual' and turn down record levels. The default 'auto' setting will distort at high sound levels.
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